NAMI Greenville is always looking for new people to join our team and help us build our organization!  That is why we are currently partnering with different colleges in the upstate to try and develop an internship program! We are very flexible and can alter our program to fit your internship requirements. In the past, our interns or volunteers have worked with social media, community outreach, grant writing, and more. However, we are always happy to hear about additional skills you can bring to our organization. If you’re interested in learning more about internship opportunities, please complete the form below as well as submit your resume.

Internship Inquiry


Meet our current intern Claire!

“I was really excited at the opportunity to intern at NAMI because I believe that the mental health field is an extremely important aspect to creating a positive community, and I want to contribute to defeating the mental health stigma. I think that through COVID-19 I have learned the importance of being intentional, especially in what you put effort into and how you spend time. NAMI’s mission to increase education, support, and advocacy for mental health conditions really resonated with me, and I was eager to get involved and put effort into increasing that support.

I am a rising junior at Furman University, and I extremely grateful for the opportunity to intern this summer with NAMI and to become a more mindful and informed advocate for mental illness. Something that I am passionate about contributing to is early intervention programs for young children experience mental illness. I think that it is a game changer to equip kids with individualized strategies to encourage support at home, school, and into adulthood. I’m excited to be part of such an awesome team with an impactful purpose.”