StigmaFree Company

Even though so many people face mental health challenges in the workplace and at home, negative stereotypes still exist. These stereotypes and misconceptions contribute to stigma. Together, we can all do our part in helping American workplaces thrive by ridding them of stigma. Mental health affects everyone, and its consequences to the workplace in particular are tremendous:

  • Mental health conditions are the leading cause of disability across the United States.
  • Untreated mental health conditions cost the economy $200 billion in lost earnings each year through decreased work performance and productivity.
  • 8 in 10 workers with a mental health condition report that shame and stigma prevent them from seeking treatment.
  • The family is also affected which leads to an increased use of leave time for family members.

StigmaFree Company is NAMI’s partnership initiative to challenge, highlight and cultivate a company culture of caring and enhanced engagement around mental health.  By being a StigmaFree Company and prioritizing mental health as a workplace and community priority, you will help:

  • Increase productivity and promote a healthier work environment;
  • Decrease the impact of disability;
  • Increase retention and engagement of valued employees; and
  • Strengthen your company brand by linking to a cause that resonates with so many.

What Does a StigmaFree Company Look Like?

Brands and companies have a crucial role to play in the mental health of their employees, customers and consumers as well as communities overall. We need companies’ help to raise awareness that mental health conditions are not the result of personal weakness, lack of character or poor upbringing—and that knowing the facts about mental illness can help reject stigmatizing stereotypes.

NAMI can assist you in creating a culture that values employees’ overall health, including emotional well-being and mental health. Being StigmaFree creates the foundation for a culture of openness, acceptance, understanding and compassion. NAMI can help by providing you with:

  • StigmaFree Company resources, assets and education materials
  • Ideas for events and initiatives around key dates in the mental health movement
  • Guidance and expert advice, which could include in-person support, presentations and workshops (expenses to be paid by company)
  • Referral to our NAMI National and nearly 900 local NAMI Affiliate networks
  • Linkages to other StigmaFree Company partners
  • Brand visibility, recognition and social currency
  • Benefits of association with a good cause and respected organization
  • Metrics and impact outcomes

Check out the resources available to you, including a powerful 30-minute interactive video activity, collateral materials, infographics and more.

Corporate Initiatives

  • Match employee giving to NAMI
  • Social media promotion
  • Cause-marketing initiative
  • Event sponsorship
  • In-kind contribution
  • Corporate grant donation

Employee-Based Initiatives

  • Consultation and coaching support to assist in the creation and integration of company-specific mental health awareness activities and efforts
  • NAMIWalks participation/sponsorship in local cities or at the national level
  • Employee donation challenges (to be matched by employer)
  • Programs and customized bundles of NAMI services with local and state NAMIs

Consumer-Based Programs

  • Point-of-purchase cause-marketing program or other unique creation
  • Product with proceeds or percentage of sales benefiting NAMI
  • On-air and/or online media content
  • Integrated social media program to drive issue-focused, on-brand content

Check out our list of growing StigmaFree Company partners. To find out more about the NAMI StigmaFree Company initiative, contact Katrina Gay, National Director, Strategic Partnerships at 615-822-7385 or

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