Education Classes

Across the country, thousands of trained NAMI volunteers bring peer-led classes to a wide variety of community settings, from churches to schools to NAMI Affiliates. With the unique understanding of people with lived experience, these classes provide outstanding free education, skills training and support.

basicNAMI Basics is a 6-session education program for parents, caregivers and other family who provide care for youth (ages 22 and younger) who are experiencing mental health symptoms. This program is free to participants, 99% of whom say they would recommend the program to others. NAMI Basics is available both in person by registering here and online through NAMI Basics OnDemand. Check out our calendar for the next upcoming NAMI Basics class.

Nami Family to FamilyNAMI Family-to-Family is a class for families, significant others and friends of people with mental health conditions. The course is designed to facilitate a better understanding of mental health conditions, increase coping skills and empower participants to become advocates for their family members. This program was designated as an evidence-based program by SAMHSA. The course is also available in Spanish, De Familia a Familia de NAMI. NAMI Family-to-Family is available in person by registering here. Check out our calendar for the next upcoming NAMI Family-to-Family class.

NAMI Homefront is a class for families, caregivers and friends of military service members and veterans with mental health conditions. The course is designed specifically to help these families understand those challenges and improve their ability to support their service member or veteran.

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Peer to Peer NAMI Peer-to-Peer is a class for adults with mental health conditions. The course is designed to encourage growth, healing and recovery among participants. This program is also available in Spanish, De Persona a Persona de NAMI. NAMI Peer-to-Peer is available in person by registering here. Check out our calendar for the next upcoming NAMI Peer-to-Peer class.

NAMI HelpLine

The Information HelpLine is an information and referral service which can be reached by calling 1.800.950.NAMI(6264), Monday through Friday, 10 am- 6 pm, EST or by email at
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NAMI Legal Support

NAMI provides access to legal information. There are many reasons why people living with mental illness may need legal information, so we work to provide this information to you.
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Veterans & Military Resource Center

NAMI Greenville is proud to provide resources for veterans and active duty military members, as well as their families, friends, and advocates.
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NAMI FaithNet

NAMI FaithNet is a network of NAMI members and friends dedicated to promoting caring faith communities and promoting the role of faith in recovery for individuals and families affected by mental illness.
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State and Local NAMI’s

NAMI is the foundation for hundreds of NAMI State Organizations, NAMI Affiliates and volunteer leaders who work in local communities across the country to raise awareness and provide essential and free education, advocacy and support group programs.
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Strength of Us

Strength of Us is an online community developed by NAMI and young adults. It’s designed to inspire young adults impacted by mental health issues to think positive, stay strong and achieve their goals through peer support and resource sharing.
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Discussion Groups

Browse through hundreds of NAMI’s interactive group forums. With topics ranging from illness management, to job-hunting, to relationships, it’s never been easier to connect with others who’ve shared your lived experience.
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